Precautions during the use of the pipe end forming machine

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LYM Pipe end forming machine is a computer-controlled automatic equipment. The quality of the Tube end forming machine is not only related to the manufacturing factors of the machine tool itself, but also related to the use, maintenance and maintenance of the machine. Therefore, the tube end forming equipment is in the process of using , Must be operated in accordance with the operation manual sent from LYM company.

1. The processed sheet must be relatively flat and can be leveled. It is strictly forbidden to process sheets with poor flatness and severe corrosion to avoid danger and damage to the machine tool.

2. The gap between the ball screw and the linear guide has been optimally adjusted by the company before leaving the factory. Do not adjust it yourself under any circumstances.

3. Start dry running for 15 minutes before each shift (hydraulic station oil pump), start self-check, machine tool X, Y, Z axis return to the origin, make the back stopper correspond to the zero point of the sensor.

4. According to the busbar thickness, shape, aperture size and other parameters, select appropriate molds, select reasonable mold gaps for punching, and install and tighten them correctly. Overload work is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the machine tool.

5. To ensure the precision of punching and shearing, the busbar must be flat and placed in the pressure center of the machine tool. It is not suitable for unilateral load. The extra-long busbar must be added with a bracket to maintain balance before processing.

6. During work, it is strictly prohibited to open any doors and windows, and it is strictly forbidden for any person or object to collide with the machine, backgauge, sensors and other components to ensure personal safety and normal operation of the equipment.

7. Observe the operating status of the equipment at any time during use. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, stop the machine immediately, disconnect the power supply and report to the person in charge of the equipment, check carefully, deal with it in time, and make detailed records. No one can disassemble, assemble and repair without permission.

8. The power must be cut off after the machine stops, and the operating buttons and handles are in the non-working position.

9. Wipe equipment requirements, paint sees its true color, iron sees light, machine tool tables and molds must be oiled to prevent rust, slide rails and ball screw surfaces must always be visually attached when there is oil film, and the CNC system cabinet must be regularly vacuumed to remove dust To prevent accidents and damage to the system. Care must be taken to maintain and maintain the equipment to extend the service life of the automatic tube shrinking machine.

10. After the work is over, clean the environment and wipe the equipment to keep it clean and hygienic. The cleaned waste should be handed over to the relevant department of the company for unified treatment to avoid secondary pollution.