127th Canton Fair live broadcast

Source:Liye Machinery(LYM) Co.,Ltd Release time:2021-10-08 14:15:34 Visit:594

Our Liye Machinery is broadcasting live on the platform of Cancton Fair.If you are interested in metal pipe processing machinery,welcome to come in our live room and have a look.

Here is the invitation code:

The 127th session of Canton Fair will be held from June 15th to 24th online,and will provide around-the-clock online services for product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations. Register and enjoy business opportunities of Canton Fair! Please click the link below to register:


For more details about services, please contact Canton Fair Call Centre, Tel:4000888999 (Chinese mainland), 86-20-28888999 (outside Chinese mainland);E-mail: info@cantonfair.org.cn