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• Processing pipes: metal round pipe, rectangular and square pipe (Length up to 6.5m )

• Processing Method: integrated molds quick change + program setting

• Function: Tube Hole Punching + Arc Notching + Cutting +Tailling Pulling

• Design Advantage: The pipe wall punching can realize three-dimensional depression or protrusion, which solves the disadvantage that the laser pipe cutting machine can only process the pipe plane.

The patents of the machine are as follows

After two years of R&D, production and optimization, the stability of the machine has been rigorously tested, and the 5 patents applied for this equipment have also been authorized and effective.

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Pipes,various materials such as steel, stainless

Packaging Details

Packed in stretch film firstly,and then reinforced with plywood for outer packing

Main specifications:
• Max punching pipe diameter (iron pipe): Φ60*2mm
• Max pipe feeding length: 6500mm
• Applicable saw blade: Φ300-Φ350×Φ32mm
• Cutting head motor: 3.3/4.0KW two-speed motor
• Saw blade speed: 35/70RPM 60/120RPM
• Punching hole speed: 1S/time
• Arc notching speed: 1.5S/time
• Maxcutting speed: 50mm/sec
• Max pipe feeding speed: 800mm/sec
• Max rotating speed: 160°/sec
• Max pulling speed: 300mm/sec
• Product length accuracy: ±0.15mm
• Product hole spacing accuracy: ±0.15mm
• Product arcing accuracy: ±0.15mm
• Cutting head feed servo motor power: 1kw
• Servo motor power for pipe feeding: 1kw
• Rotating tube servo motor power: 750w
• Tail material servo motor power: 450w
• Motor power: 5.5kw


• Hydraulic working pressure: 12Mpa
• Number of files that can be stored: 20 groups
• Machine dimensions: 9600×1550×2050mm
• Machine weight: 5000kg
• Punching method: hydraulic cylinder
• Arc notching method: hydraulic cylinder
• Pipe grabbing method: hydraulic cylinder
• Cutting head feed method: servo motor + reducer
• Pipe feeding method: servo motor + reducer
• Tube rotation method: servo motor + reducer
• Pull tail method: servo motor
• Operating language: Chinese/English/Russian
• Working noise: ≤60DB
• Power: 380V 50HZ three-phase power
• Air: 0.7-0.8MPa (air)
• Hydraulic oil cooling method: air cooler
• Saw blade cooling method: coolant atomization

1. The mold is equipped with a lack of material sensor, and it will alarm when there is no material to protect the mold.
2. The functions of punching and arc punching are integrated on a set of molds.
3. A core mold is installed in the tube to improve the problem of tube wall collapse after punching and arcing.
4. The mold adopts a fully enclosed design, and a transparent protective plate is installed to prevent accidents.
5. The main mold of the mold adopts a quick-change design, no proofreading is required, which is convenient for production changeover.

Application of the processing products
•Metal pipe furniture, automobile parts, guardrails, anti-theft windows, scaffolding, pipe brackets and other industries

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