Customer service customer service

Customer satisfaction is our service tenet

The company has more than 30 offices and sales points around the world, and has gradually formed a network-style service network for pre-sales consultation and after-sales service to provide fast and high-quality services to new and old customers. The products have a large market share and have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

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Customer Training Customer Training

Liye’s internal and external training teams can provide guidance and training to your employees at any time to make the most of the skills required for your new machine.
Our training team is all over the world, so no factory is too remote!
Our training courses cater to the most experienced operators and apprentices without any prior knowledge. You can rest assured that when the Liye training team finishes their work, all operators will be capable and ready to make full use of your Liye machine.

Spare Parts Spare Parts

All Liye machines are designed and manufactured in-house-therefore, we keep all necessary parts in Liye’s spare parts warehouse.
In the event of a mechanical failure or malfunction, we can prepare the necessary parts as needed so that we can ship it in the shortest time. We can quickly respond to any problems, so that you can rest assured during the entire process of using the Liye machine.

Commissioning and installationCommissioning and installation

All equipment of Liye Machinery has been strictly tested before leaving the factory, and professional technical personnel are engaged in debugging and installation to ensure that the products produced by each machine perfectly meet all the customer's drawing requirements and successfully pass the acceptance or issuance of professional inspection tools. Acceptance qualification report from an authoritative testing organization.

Mold ToolingMold Tooling

Liye's in-house mold design and manufacturing team can handle any application that requires forming, bending or pressing.
We focus on custom applications and are thriving in being able to provide solutions that no one else can provide.
Because all our research, design and manufacturing are done under one roof, we provide a single point of contact, shorten delivery time, reduce costs, and most importantly, from one stop Provide a complete set of solutions. In addition to providing tools for Liye products, we can also produce tools for other machines.

Maintenance GuideMaintenance Guide

To preserve the exceptional performance of the machine requires regular maintenance and service. Along with a quality machine, we also guide you regarding the accurate method to take its proper care. With our experience and knowledge, we have devised a maintenance guide to describe the proper way and steps to follow to sustain the genuine high-quality functionality of the machine, it would also prevent damages and errors.