• The machine can complete chamfering and shaving at one time for the inner and outer angles of the end face of the pipe and rod, which is fast and accurate.

• In order to ensure that the center line of the processing object and the cutter head is accurate and unchanged, the clamping die and the cutter head after precise design, can be a uniform completion of the processing object.

• The cutter head is specially designed, the blade is normalized, and the tool is easy and fast to adjust.

• Artificial feeding, automatic hijacking, automatic advance and retreat, fast speed, increase output.

• Semi-automatic machine type has two stages of speed: the first stage is fast speed to save working time, the second stage can adjust the cutting chamfer speed to complete the processing of smooth finished surface.

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The chamfering machine is a small precision machine tool that specializes in mold manufacturing, hardware machinery, machine tool manufacturing, hydraulic parts, valve manufacturing, textile machinery chamfering, milling, planing and other processing methods.

• The Single head chamfering machine with manual feeding, automatic clamping, automatic advance and retreat knife, fast speed, large output, high efficiency, easy to operate, easy to learn and easy to understand;
• The feeding speed of the main shaft can be adjusted, with the functions of fast feeding and working.
• For different sizes of the workpiece chamfering, only need to change the clip and make a simple tool holder adjustment can be completed;
• It is the best choice for chamfering of metal objects at present.
• According to the chamfering needs, it is divided into straight chamfering and curved chamfering.
• The beveling machine solves the problem of irregular angles, rough slopes, and loud working noises in flame cutting, grinder grinding and other operating processes.
• It has the advantages of easy operation, standard angle, smooth surface, etc., has the advantages of light weight, high bevel probability, high durability, and convenient operation.
• Very suitable for: steel structure, boilers, pressure vessels, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, molds, chemicals, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, heads, iron towers, aerospace and other welding manufacturing fields.


Brand Name:


Model Number:



Single Head



Place of Origin:



Pipes/Solid Bars,various materials such as steel, stainless,copper

Packaging Details

Packed in stretch film firstly,and then reinforced with plywood for outer packing

Cutter head of single head chamfering Machine(Suitable for pipe parts inside, outside corner chamfering and end face processing)
Working System
Contro system

More reliable hydraulic system

Part of the sample tube

LYM Tube/Bar chamfering machine is widely used in numerous chamfering applications and industries.



Our Diameter (mm)

Processing Length (mm)

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OD 8-52

Standard 100-600mm (Could be longer)


OD 8-80

Standard 100-600mm (Could be longer)


OD 19-120

Standard 100-600mm (Could be longer)


OD 19-150

Standard 100-600mm (Could be longer)

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