Automatic pipe arc punching machine



Mechanical properties and main scope of application

The hydraulic arc punching machine adopts hydraulic drive, and the operation is extremely convenient, fast and accurate. The high-performance medium-sized arc punching machine and the easy-to-operate controller make your operation and programming easier, and it has a wide range of uses. It is used in mass production or Standardized production, such as auto parts, motorcycles and other parts, such as welded pipe frames, seats, etc.

NC arc punching machine characteristics

1. This machine adopts low-voltage electrical appliances or single-chip microcomputer control, man-machine interface dialogue operation, program setting is simple and easy.

2. Freely selectable, manual and fully automatic functions.

3. The arc is driven by hydraulic pressure.

4. Program settings can be memorized (low-voltage electrical appliances do not have this function)

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