• 1301-2021

    Brief analysis of the performance of the deburring machine

    1. Quickly remove burrs around the workpiece. Including the small inner hole, the dead zone between the pipe hole and the gap. 2. The workpiece after grinding does not affect the original accuracy, and the shape and size remain unchanged. The surface roughness value can reach Ra0.1-Ra0.01, and the surface presents a bright metallic luster. 3. Short time and high efficiency. Each treatment time is 5-20 minutes. 4. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, cracks, etc. can be polished. 5. Fast processing speed, convenient operation, low cost, without any consumables. 6. ​​The operation is convenient and simple; the workpiece is processed in batches at one time and the cost is very low; the stainless steel needle is a long-lasting abrasive. 7. Finished products of precision parts such as light iron metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic, etc., precision deburring, chamfering, polishing, cleaning, etc. can be completed at one time. 8. The finished product does not deform, damage the surface, and does not affect accuracy. 9. Complete models, special models can be designed.

  • 1612-2020

    Hole punching+punching angle+pipe cutting multifunctional machinery

    hole punching punching angle pipe cutting machine multifunctional machinery

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